This is Coby

This is Coby. Coby is 3 years old and because he was born with the cord around his neck causing a form of cerebral palsy called hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. Shortly after Coby was born, the prognosis did not look good. What no one knew at that time was that Coby was also born with something else… super-hero strength and perseverance. Oh yeh and one other thing, a love for music!

Music is how this story begins.

On a Sunday afternoon during the summer of 2019 Bobby and Michele were at one of their favorite local places, Steam Bell Beer Works, a brewery near their home with awesome beer and fantastic live music Friday, Saturday & Sunday. In typical Bobby fashion he was out on the dance floor, in his wheelchair, chair dancing!

Also there that Sunday was a beautiful young family; April and Adam Berry and their 2 children, Coby and Lincoln. Coby LOVES live music and rocks and dances like crazy whenever he hears a good beat which is why they were there. Michele and Bobby adore little ones and struck up conversation with April and Adam. Coby’s smile and Lincoln’s energy are contagious for sure!

After watching Bobby spin around on the dance floor with a smile Adam approached Bobby with tears in his eyes and said Thank You. Coby’s Dad expressed how grateful he was to see Bobby out there dancing in his own way. He shared with Bobby that in just a few days Coby would be getting his first wheelchair and while that gives him mixed emotions, he was truly inspired and overwhelmingly hopeful that some day, when Coby has also mastered the use of his wheelchair, he too will be living! Living an awesome life regardless of his challenges and special needs.

After that day Bobby and Coby became best buddies! They’ve been to each other’s birthday parties and had “play dates.” Just from watching Bobby, Coby figured out how to manipulate his chair better and began chasing Bobby around.

While the Quinn and Berry families are now friends for life, Coby and Bobby had a special friendship with a few things in common: super-hero strength, perseverance, a love for live music and a never ending desire to LIVE the life they were given regardless of their obstacles!

“Live life to the fullest until the day God calls you home. No matter what life throws at you, you can always be a positive influence to someone big or small!”

“We were inspired that this couple didn’t let life prevent them from living. I swear Coby improved steering his wheelchair before my eyes tonight by playing with Bobby. We are so thankful that you and Michele crossed our paths. Thank y’all for showing us what living looks like.” April Berry

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  1. I’ll never forget the day we met. You continue to inspire us all and I love watching the interaction between you and my boys. You truly do have a friend for life!

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