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Service Center Metals

Our son, Stephen, works for an awesome company! Service Center Metals in Prince George, Virginia, receives aluminum from all over the US and Canada.  It gets sorted, melted down into solid logs and then sold or turned into products for sale.

In the Fall of 2019, Stephen was called into Human Resources.  Wondering what he could have done to warrant a meeting, Stephen sat down. Prior to working for SCM our son was deployed in Cameroon, Africa for 11 months with the United States Army.  At the time of this meeting he had been employed at SCM less than one year.

“So I understand your Dad has ALS.”

Stephen confirmed this and his co-worker began to share with him that the former Human Resources Manager, Walter Miller, lost his battle with ALS in 2012 at the young age of 45.   “Walter treated each of us with kindness, understanding, and genuine concern”. (Evan Neale) Walter was so loved and respected at SCM that they wanted to hold an Ice Bucket Challenge fund raiser for Bobby, in Walter’s honor.

On December 13, 2019, Bobby and Michele were invited to SCM to meet Evan Neale (Environmental, Health & Safety Manager) and Tanya Moody (HR Manager), along with many other SCM team members who took us on a tour of the facility before the ice began to fall.  From one extreme to another, one of the areas we walked past housed a massive furnace which was roaring at a mighty 1,337 degrees Fahrenheit!

After the tour, everyone was invited into the parking lot. To set the scene, it was a miserable, misty, wet, 38 degree day and this is how it went….

Three days later we received an email from Evan announcing that SCM had raised $4,424.68!

We couldn’t be more grateful to SCM and everyone who donated or participated in helping get Team Quinn off the ground!

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