Eva P.


Eva P.

Buffalo Junction, VA

Eva was married to her late husband for 52 years! Prior to her diagnosis, 83 years young, Eva could be found in her beautiful yard gardening or on the riding lawn mower! Prior to retiring she was an insurance agent and then helped her husband with his very successful auto custom paint company. Eva has a dog and cat that she rescued who are her best friends. She is grateful to have adoring family surrounding her as she navigates her ALS journey.

Dave W.


Dave W.
An avid golfer and lover of all New England sports team. Dave and his wife Ann have been married for 31 years and have two sons. Dave is blessed to have several lifelong friends he’s known since childhood that have been incredibly supportive. Bobby and Dave would have been fast friends for several reasons but primarily it would have been because of Dave’s love of football and coaching the Powhatan Indians! Bobby was an Indian through and through.

Tony E.

Bobby Quinn would have LOVED Tony! Like Bobby, Tony is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan. Tony is married to his wife Sherry and they have two children. As a family they enjoyed camping and going to the mountains over the years. A dedicated man for sure, Tony was a Scout Master for 50 years!!

Erin B.

Toano, VA

Meet Erin! Board Members Dani and Jeff had the pleasure of delivering a check to Erin and her parents to help pay for a wheelchair lift to be installed in their garage. Dani described Erin as an amazing young woman. Erin is a special education teacher and was a competitive runner. She describes herself on Facebook as a strong, loving, caring woman with a huge heart and mind to make life awesome.

Michael B.

Chester, VA

Meet Michael! He and his wife Eileen are truly a wonderful couple. Michael was an avid golfer and enjoys spending time with family. They already had a ramp built in the back of their home that ended almost at their gate; however, there was about 20 feet of dirt and grass that he had to navigate in his chair before getting to the driveway. They applied to TQ to pay for a concrete sidewalk extension that would connect from the end of the ramp to the driveway. With our help he is now able to go in and out of his home without tracking in dirt and getting stuck in the grass!

Russell H.

Powhatan, VA

Our first Team Quinn grant recipient! Russell reached out to us for help funding his door widening project. Having to rely more and more on his wheelchair, Russell needed to have his bathroom door and other doors in his house widened to allow the wheelchair to pass through. We were happy to be able to help him pay for this expense not covered by health insurance.

Julie B.

Woodford, VA

Meet Julie! She lives in a beautiful home that her grandfather built, surrounded by woods and wildlife. She spends a lot of her time now enjoying that view! After spending some time with her, TQ Board Member Jeff Hanner said Julie has an incredible spirit and was a joy to talk with. Julie applied for funding to pay for an interior wheelchair ramp which we were happy to provide.

Will A.

Spotsylvania, VA

Meet Will! Will’s career was with Homeland Security. He loves and played basketball back in the day. Described by his son as one of the most generous people you will ever meet, Will confirmed that by wanting to donate BACK the $5,000 we brought to him to pay for his outdoor ramp. Of course, we refused to accept it. His response, “Well, then I will just pay it forward some other way!” He has accepted his diagnosis, but it has not taken away his extreme determination to live life every day the best that he can, with joy and a whole lot of spunk!

Jerry C.

Midlothian, VA

Meet Jerry! Jerry applied to TQ to pay for a rolling shower chair and add-ons to his assistive technology device that his health insurance wouldn’t cover.

Jerry and his wife Sue are incredible people who are fighting the ALS diagnosis with everything they have in them while maintaining their overwhelming faith in the Lord.

Jerry is a certified sommelier and still enjoys fine wine, with the help of a straw, while watching his Pittsburgh Steelers.

Mabel W.

Fairfax, VA

Mabel’s smile literally lights up a room. She is unable to speak but her smile says it all! She lives with her husband and two boys.

We had the pleasure of helping Mabel pay for assistive technology, wheelchair add-ons to enable her to communicate with and drive her chair with her eye gaze, as well as an out-of-pocket prescription cost.

Prior to Mabel’s illness rendering her disabled she was an emergency room nurse dedicated to helping others.