Announcement of Dissolution

Thank you for visiting Team Quinn VA.

It is with immense bitter sweet emotions and feelings of gratefulness and thankfulness
that we announce the dissolution of the Team Quinn organization as of March 15, 2023.

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Bobby and Michele are very blessed, fortunate to have extraordinary friends and family and a tremendous support system. Fully aware that this is not the case for many ALS patients and families they wanted to pay it forward.

Early on in Bobby’s diagnosis he and his wife discovered the ALS Association’s DC/ Maryland / Virginia chapter which holds a 5k walk every October in Richmond, to raise money for the ALS Association. Bobby and Michele started a team which quickly grew into almost 200 people! One of those supporters was a friend named Billy Dixon. Billy took it upon himself to have t-shirts made for the team which he appropriately named TEAM QUINN.

If you are reading this, then you likely understand how expensive ALS is. Friends of Bobby’s started organizing fundraising events for he and his wife. Members of his Business Networking International group started a You Caring account, now called Go Fund Me. Next to kick off the fundraising effort was Tommy Mitchell. Bobby and Tommy played football together in high school. They lost touch over the years, running into each other again shortly before Bobby was diagnosed. In addition to becoming a police officer, Tommy is also the lead singer in a local country music band. Bobby and Tommy picked up right where they left off years ago and became as close as brothers again. Wanting to help in some way, Tommy came up with the idea of reaching out to other people he knew in the local music scene and put together a music event he named Country Kickin ALS!

Along with Country Kickin ALS, which has become an annual event​, many other friends came up with fundraising ideas. Chuck Sardelis who home brews beer started “Beers for Bobby”, Mike Hatch and Joe Dunn were instrumental in organizing the Quinn Classic Fighting ALS golf tournament, which has also become a very successful annual event. William Evans who also went to high school with Bobby organized the Bobby Quinn ALS Awareness Day at Colonial Harley-Davidson which began in the morning with a 60 mile motorcycle ride through back country roads of Prince George consisting of close to 30 riders with Bobby leading the pack sitting comfy in a side car! Laymetha Guy who has the voice of an angel created The Season of Giving, a phenomenal, gospel based musical event which is an annual event as well. So many others have joined Team Quinn’s mission and continue their support in a multitude of ways, big and small.

In July 2019 Bobby’s neurologist at the ALS clinic felt that he had 18 months or less to live. One of the many thoughts and questions speeding through Bobby’s mind after this news was “What’s going to happen to the fundraisers?” He asked his wife if she would do her best to keep the fundraisers going and use the money to help other patients with ALS. It was that day that Bobby and Michele started researching how to start a non-profit and Team Quinn was born!

Our mission is to pay it forward. We want to share our good fortune and tremendous blessings of generosity from friends and family, with others who are fighting the same battle.

Together, we are all members of TEAM QUINN!

Meet the Team Quinn Board


Michele Quinn

President and
Chief Caregiver

Michele and Bobby were married March 12, 2016 and less than 90 days later Bobby began having ALS symptoms. Prior to ALS reeking havoc on their life, Michele and Bobby enjoyed kayaking, long rides on their touring Harley-Davidson, visiting wineries, traveling and spending time with friends. Michele attended Virginia Commonwealth University and has 27 years experience working in the legal field as a Paralegal. Michele left her career and dedicated her life to caring for Bobby until he passed in April 2021. Now her focus is on raising money for other Virginia families who are on the same journey.


Crystal Duke

Applicant Services

Crystal was born and raised in Chesterfield, VA. She has dedicated 15 years to healthcare management including hands-on patient care. Crystal has combined her love for people and craft beer while working at Steam Bell Beer Works, which is how she had the honor of meeting Bobby and Michele. Crystal also enjoys volunteering for community, charitable fundraisers and has successfully spear-headed food, coat, and book drives. With her go-getter attitude and the ability to build strong positive relationships, intertwined with her networking skills, Crystal’s goal is to raise awareness and money to assist those affected by ALS.


Jeff Hanner

Chief Data

Jeff attended the University of Virginia and spent the majority of his professional career managing data. He retired in April of 2019, which coincided with when his wife (Vicki) began showing symptoms of ALS. Vicki’s ALS journey was a short one and she passed away in January of 2020. Jeff and Vicki were married for 41 ½ years and have two children. Heading into retirement, he wasn’t sure what activities he was going to pursue. After being Vicki’s primary caregiver, he knew what he needed to do. Jeff decided that he would devote a significant amount of his time to supporting other families dealing with ALS. Jeff’s kind smile backed by his excitement and spunk make him an ideal supporter of the Team Quinn Mission.


Parker Joyner

Director of Volunteer

Parker was born and raised in Midlothian, VA. After graduating from Longwood University in 2019, she returned to Midlothian to become a middle school special education teacher and cheerleading coach. She met Bobby and Michele through her parents and, having previous experience with charity golf tournaments, she volunteered to help Michele with the Team Quinn golf tournament. She fell in love with Team Quinn and their mission. Parker’s drive and ambition help her bring great ideas to the board table and she is excited to see all the lives Team Quinn can touch.

Kimberley Wheeler

Kimberley Wheeler

Community Relations
& Events Coordinator

Kimberley grew up right here in Chesterfield, VA. She has been a nurse for 23 years, however she considers her greatest accomplishment raising her two incredible children. Both her son and daughter are currently proudly serving in the military and share their mother’s passion for trying to make a difference in the world.

Kimberley has always loved music, which is how she bonded with “DJ Bobby Q”, his contagious smile, quick wit, and ability to remain positive inspired her to become a loyal supporter of the Team Quinn mission. Kimberley enjoys meeting new people, raising awareness, and making a positive impact, but most of all she is passionate about continuing Bobby’s legacy to help others in our area who are fighting ALS.


Thanks to you, over $53,000 was raised at the 3rd Annual Quinn Classic Golf Tournament. Click Here to see photos of how awesome the event was.


What’s Bobby Quinn saying?

“My LIFE doesn’t suck, my circumstances do! My LIFE is amazing, beautiful and full of love and support. I am blessed.”

Bobby’s final sunset was on April 27, 2021. May he be sipping expensive bourbon and smiling down on us as we work together to help others like him, and to find a cure for ALS.

Bobby’s Journey

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