Who We Are?

Team Quinn was created to serve Virginia ALS patients and their families by providing funds to help pay for out of pocket expenses related to their care and treatment of the disease.

Our mission is spreading awareness of ALS and raising funds for patients battling the disease to help improve their everyday lives.

Since forming Team Quinn in early 2019, we have given away over $82,000 to patients battling ALS.


The Awesome Stories of Families we have helped!

Will A.

Spotsylvania, VA

Meet Will! Will’s career was with Homeland Security. He loves and played basketball back in the day. Described by his son as one of the most generous people you will ever meet, Will confirmed that by wanting to donate BACK the $5,000 we brought to him to pay for his outdoor ramp. Of course, we refused to accept it. His response, “Well, then I will just pay it forward some other way!” He has accepted his diagnosis, but it has not taken away his extreme determination to live life every day the best that he can, with joy and a whole lot of spunk!

Jerry C.

Midlothian, VA

Meet Jerry! Jerry applied to TQ to pay for a rolling shower chair and add-ons to his assistive technology device that his health insurance wouldn’t cover.

Jerry and his wife Sue are incredible people who are fighting the ALS diagnosis with everything they have in them while maintaining their overwhelming faith in the Lord.

Jerry is a certified sommelier and still enjoys fine wine, with the help of a straw, while watching his Pittsburgh Steelers.

Mabel W.

Fairfax, VA

Mabel’s smile literally lights up a room. She is unable to speak but her smile says it all! She lives with her husband and two boys.

We had the pleasure of helping Mabel pay for assistive technology, wheelchair add-ons to enable her to communicate with and drive her chair with her eye gaze, as well as an out-of-pocket prescription cost.

Prior to Mabel’s illness rendering her disabled she was an emergency room nurse dedicated to helping others.

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